Group Sessions

Anxiety and Depression

While some issues are best dealt with in a one-to-one session, other issues are very effectively dealt with in group sessions. These include managing depression and anxiety. This program involves six group appointments with no more than 10 participants to allow for sharing and group discussion to allow support in one another. The program uses cognitive behavioural therapy approaches and will teach relaxation strategies which have been shown by research to be very effective in managing anxiety and depression. Please contact Andrea if you are interested in these sessions. A Medicare rebate may be available through the Better Access to Mental Health Care Scheme with your GP’s referral.

Personal Growth

Are you reaching your full potential? If you want to develop some specific strategies to start to really lead the life you want to live and to put those ideas into practice then the “Real Living Now” course may be just the thing for you. This course will help you identify what you really want from life in a realistic and practical way, help you build concrete plans and support you as you implement this in real life.

Group discussion

Group discussion

All of this happens in a relaxed and laughter filled environment with plenty of opportunity for sharing and mutual support.

This course is suitable for men and women of any age but may be of particular relevance to those in their 40s and 50s. We will cover issues like “ who am I really?”, working out what is really important, understanding ourselves and our personalities, building goals and strategies, developing balance in our lives, coping with change, following your dreams, and good self-care.

Other Courses

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