What to expect

Andrea offers counselling and training to people who may be experiencing a crisis, undergoing change in their lives or who wish to work on long-term issues. Many people feel some discomfort about coming to counselling or a group because they do not know what to expect. She hopes to quickly put you at ease. It may be useful to think of counselling as a helpful conversation and a group as a chance to grow and develop. Each session will be client centred and will focus on the issues you wish to raise. Counselling is based on the trust and collaboration that develops between the counsellor and the client and builds on active listening, sensitive questioning and empathy from the counsellor to the client. Most counselling sessions are about 55 minutes long and frequency is decided between the counsellor and the client. Group participants will be advised of the specific details for their group.

All clients and group participants will be treated as individuals, with respect, honesty and integrity.