Are You Living A Life That Is Passion Filled, Purposeful And Happy?

Do you feel you have reached the point where you are clear about what you are here to do, and life fills you with joy and enrichment?

If You Can't Answer Yes To Those Questions, Then Read On

The truth is, not many people can say yes to those questions.

This is because they don't KNOW what they are passionate about, or what their life purpose might be!

If you know how it feels to wake up every morning dreading different aspects of your day, dragging yourself out of bed, and wishing for something more… 

...but you don't know exactly what it is or how to find it…


You feel like you're floating down the rough waters of a fast river, crashing into the rocks and branches on the river's edge...


It Doesn't Have To Be This Way

When you are clear on – and connected to – your passions, you are aligned with your life's purpose, and every part of your life begins to blossom!

You can have the passion filled, purposeful and happy life that you deserve.​

Get Crystal Clear 

Develop A Vision

Create A Plan 

You Can Have The Clarity And Vision To Live Your Most Abundant Life.

Join me at my one day Passion Test and Vision Board Workshop to identify your top 5 passions and learn how to implement them in your life.

The Passion Test and Vision Board Workshop

Gain clarity about how you want to live your life, identify your top 5 passions, create a vision for the life you are yearning to live, and learn The Passion Test formula for living an abundant life.

The Passion Test Workshop is for you if:

  •  You're unsure about the direction of your life. You aren't clear about what you want to do and you feel like you aren't making progress on any front
  •  You've been successful in a traditional sense. You have a steady job, a reliable car and a nice home. But you feel unfulfilled and don't know why.
  • Something BIG is missing! More than anything you want to identify what it is, and then go get it.

You Know You're Ready For A New Direction...For Something Different

The Passion Test is a Step-By-Step, Proven Process for Getting Crystal Clear on What Matters Most to You, Developing a Vision Around It, and Creating a Plan of Action for Living YOUR Ideal Life!

The Passion Test and Vision Board Workshop

When: Sunday October 9th, 1pm to 5pm

 Where: Harmony Place, 9 Edward St, Shepparton

Your Facilitator: Andrea Fisher, Certified Passion Test Facilitator, and Transformational Life Coach for Women in Midlife.

What's Included: The Passion Test assessment in a group setting facilitated by Andrea, Passion Test workbook and afternoon tea and coffee.

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