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The Midlife Reinvention

It is an unusual day when I don’t think about the things I have on my bucket list or how I could ramp things up in my life to do them better, more easily or with greater satisfaction. Only this morning, I have been thinking about how to get my knee working better to enable me to travel more easily to explore the world. After all, travel is my passion.

Quite often, we dismiss this thinking as day dreaming;  but should we be so quick to dismiss these things that  could bring joy and meaning to our lives?

Change is a constant in my life and rather than shy away from it, I try to embrace it.

Many times I have encouraged clients to reflect, dream and embrace the possibility of change and reinvention.  Not for the sake of change, but to enhance their lives through fulfilment and participation.

Do you dream of travelling to New York or Brazil (or wherever is on YOUR bucket list)? Have you toyed with idea of walking away from that job you hate and writing a book? Maybe you’ve always wanted to paint, but someone laughed at your efforts twenty years ago and have denied yourself this pleasure ever since. You may even feel desperate to get out of a negative relationship that’s been holding you back for far too long.

Midlife; that time in your forties and fifties (or even beyond) is a time of change and transition.  We so often hear about the “midlife crisis” which seems to herald loss and decline, but for many women it is not so much a crisis as a time of transition where roles and relationships change. There can be grief at the loss of what was and trepidation as to what will be. 

This realization may be a gradual awakening that life could be more than what it currently is or it can be the result of a particular event, such as a separation, children leaving the family home or caring for an aging parent.

I reframe this transition phase as an opportunity for Midlife Reinvention, and I’ve been actively engaged in the process for almost 20 years!  For me it was prompted by the unexpected and shattering end of my marriage – while painful, the process has been ultimately very positive and empowering.  I would not be the woman I am today if I was still in that marriage.

Yes, transition and reinvention can be daunting, but also, ultimately, empowering and incredibly liberating.  It can be much harder on your own, so if possible, having a support team around you cushions the ride and can spur you on to greater things. You don’t need to resign from your job, move to France or leave your marriage to reinvent yourself, but some action is required.

If you would like to embrace midlife with a group of like-minded women, then consider joining me from 5-10 June when I will be hosting a retreat in beautiful Bali which I have titled “Relax, Restore, Renew and Reinvent”.

In this serene, natural environment, there will be opportunities to re-evaluate your life choices, identify your passions, embrace your dreams and emerge with a new vision filled with excitement and possibility.

If you have been asking yourself, is this all there is, my answer is a resounding “NO!”

Find meaning in your life, and unlock the doors of possibility.

More information here:

In this serene, natural environment, there will be opportunities to re-evaluate your life choices, identify your passions and embrace your dreams.

Awaken and Align – ONE DAY RETREAT

I am delighted you have to join to take a day out of your busy life just for you.  We will spend the day in beautiful surroundings, with great company, delicious food and nourish not only our bodies, but our hearts and minds.

Cost for the day is as follows:

1 person - $97

2 people, who pay at the same time - $150

Wow, what a great reason to bring a deserving friend or relative. 


SURVIVING TO THRIVING – Weekend Retreat for Women

Torquay, Victoria, November 18-20, 2016

“From Surviving to Thriving”

Since becoming a transformational life Coach, Andrea has wanted to create a retreat weekend by the sea would serve as the catalyst where women will meet other women who may have become dormant, and are seeking their purpose and direction to uncover the strategies, relationships and support they need. This enables them to rapidly identify the new lives they want and create the change they crave.

Surviving to Thriving Weekend 2016, is the culmination of that dream. It will bring together a small group of women in the middle of life, who are ready to let go of their limiting past and create change. It will be a two-day journey in optimising every aspect of their lives to create a fulfilling future. The weekend will commence on Friday evening of November 18 and conclude Sunday afternoon 20 November 2016.

Engage with your retreat leader, Andrea Fisher, who will transform the way you think about your own personal growth and development.

Andrea is an experienced and qualified life coach, counsellor and group facilitator and trainer. She loves to challenge women to move beyond their expectations to create new opportunities. Andrea will be assisted by Amanda Alexander ……..

Surviving to Thriving Retreat Weekend 2016 will be a fun, enjoyable and invaluable experience for a small group of women taking place over two full days in beautiful Torquay on the surf coast of Victoria, Australia.
Each day will be made up of engaging, reflective and hands on activities, with opportunities to relax and make new friends. The weekend is designed to take you on a step-by-step journey to help you identify how you would like your life to look, what is lacking, and how to overcome the things that hold you back in order to create and live the life you hope for.

Friday 18 November
6PM onwards: Registration and Settling in
7 PM: Welcome and Introductions. Group expectation and norms.
7.30PM: Dinner
Saturday 19 November
8 AM: Self-Service Breakfast
9AM: What are you REALLY looking for?
10.30AM: Coffee/Tea Break. Stretch your Legs
11AM: What Gets in the Way?
12Noon: Lunch
1PM: Free time for reflection, walking, enjoying the beach, or a coffee in one of the many cafes in the local area
3.30PM: Program Resumes. Clearing, cleansing and declutter
5.30PM: Break
6.30PM: Dinner
8PM: Short evening program
Sunday 20 November
8AM: Self-Service Breakfast
9AM: What Could Life Look Like?
10.30AM: Coffee/Tea Break
11AM: How Do I Get There?
12 Noon: Lunch
1PM: What Does the Future Look like for Me?
2.30PM: Where to from Here?
3.30PM: Depart
*** All times are indicative only and are subject to change according to the needs of the group participants.

The retreat will be held in a private relaxing home in central Torquay, fully equipped with several bedrooms, sea views and an outdoor spa for your relaxation. The beach and shops are about a 10-15 minute walk away.


The Retreat Venue
A bonus for the first six people to register! Simple bed and breakfast style accommodation will be included free of charge at the retreat venue, for the first six people to book. OR

Local Hotels or Airbnb
If you are not in the first 6 to book, you can organise your own accommodation at your expense at local hotels, motels or through booking agencies such as Airbnb. Contact Andrea for a discount code for Airbnb. There is a wide diversity of accommodation in Torquay OR

Day Attendee
If you live locally you may prefer to attend as a Day Attendee and sleep in your own bed! You will receive all sessions, resources and meals.


Time out in a beautiful part of the surf coast of Victoria will give you the chance to clear your head, enjoy the beach, and leave renewed in body mind and spirit having enjoyed time away from your usual demanding routine.

You will have time for reflection, and to let go of old unhelpful beliefs which no longer serve you well, leaving space for mental clarity.

You will develop a clear picture of how you would like your future to look, and can develop a practical strategy to put it into place.

You will meet new women who are on a similar journey of exploration and renewal, and gain support in knowing you are not alone.

You can enjoy simple healthy food, fun and laughter.

Finally, you can take valuable steps towards moving from simply surviving you really THRIVING in your life.


Earlybird Registration:
Includes, FREE B & B style accommodation for the first six people to register, all sessions, all retreat materials, all meals, and a bonus retreat goodies bag.

Normal registration:
Includes all sessions, all meals, all retreat materials and the bonus retreat goodies bag.
Day Attendee: Price is dependent on date of registration as above. Earlybird $397, and normal $457.
Includes all sessions, all meals, all retreat materials and the bonus retreat goodies bag.

Ready to secure your place?


How do I get there?
Torquay is 1.5 hours easy drive from Melbourne. There is a train service to Marshall, just past Geelong, and a bus service to Torquay. If you are flying in, there is a connecting bus service from Tullamarine to Geelong and the Surf Coast.

Where can I park at the retreat?
There is limited off street parking and plenty of on street parking.

Is there a dress code?
Where comfortable casual clothes and bring walking shoes if you would like to take advantage of the several beaches nearby of which to walk and enjoy the fresh air. As the wind can be fresh I suggest layers of clothing, and a light jacket can be useful.

What if I have special dietary needs?
The food at the retreat will be simple, largely self-serve food. Vegetarians will be catered for. If you have any other special dietary needs, please contact me before to discuss this.

What is the cancellation policy?
As this is a small intimate retreat, it is likely that the places will fill quickly. In order to gain your commitment I need to be firm about the cancellation policy, so that others do not miss out unnecessarily. If you cancel more than a month before you will get your full fee back, less a $50 administration fee. Less than a month’s notice of cancellation, you will lose 50%. Less than a week you will lose your full fee.

Do I need to share a room or bathroom?
As this is a private home not all the rooms are ensuite. There are some rooms with one bed and some with two. The first to book will be offered a room to themselves, and then the shared rooms will be offered. Everybody will share the two bathrooms. If you would like to share a room with a friend please advise me when booking.
If your own room with ensuite is essential, I suggest you book accommodation nearby.

Any other questions?
Please feel free to contact me to discuss any question you may have and to arrange  a payment plan.
Telephone 0409 180 880

Welcome to 2013!

Welcome to 2013!

I hope you had a great break over the Christmas/New Year.  I spent some time by the water – both river and the sea, which refreshes and restores me. In northern Victoria we have endured extremely hot temperatures of up to 44 degrees and whilst I love summer, this is just a little too much!

Here is a photo of the wonderful waterfall we enjoyed on a 42 degree day.

We are now into planning 2013 and I have lots of great things in store For  you. But I would like your   feedback. I will list the Workshops and
retreats I have planned and if you are interested in attending,
please let me know.     We will go ahead with the most popular ideas first.

Insights from 2012

I spent some time reflecting on 2012, and inspired by Inner  Feng Shui coach Vicky White, I re-read my journal and  wrote down a list of the things I learnt from my journal.

You may find some of these things interesting, amusing or inspiring:

  1. I am the creator of my own reality
  2. Exercise is a necessity and energises me
  3. Physical decluttering of my environment helps clear my mind.
  4. Buying a Tattslotto ticket gives me permission to do some dreaming
  5. Gratitude is essential and centres me
  6. I work better when I have some accountability to someone else
  7. I need to consciously  take regular actions to connect to my spirit
  8. Time for reflection or prayer is vital
  9. Being positive makes my day
  10. I love solitude as well as company
  11. I need to feel passion and direction in my life
  12. I value a partnership
  13. My health is very important to me
  14. Success is the result of small changes being repeated every day
  15. I love the sea and find it uplifting for my spirit
  16. I love to reach for the stars…  but they can be hidden in my soul
  17. To grow – I need to understand…..
    Where I am planted
    What brings light into my life?
    What refreshes me?
    What nourishes me?
    What I need to leave behind
    What is helpful or unhelpful in my life?
    What are the fruits of my efforts?
  18. I don’t need to see the whole path ahead – just what is immediately in front to go forward
  19. Happiness is a state of mind, which I can support by helpful habits

And finally….. 20.  When I feel stuck or caged in, it is because of my own limiting beliefs or actions. The possibilities are endless!

Let me know on my Facebook Page here or, by email what insights you may have had into your last year.

What is planned for 2013?

I have wonderful things planned for 2013.

Fire up for 2013

This 3 hour workshop helps you identify your aspiration and intentions for 2013 and gives you concrete plans to achieve them. Don’ t be the victim of more failed New Year intentions…. – move into 2013 with skills to achieve what you want.

Passion Test Workshops
I can schedule these in Shepparton, Melbourne, Geelong or Torquay. However, if you are in another are and would like to bring a Passion Test Workshop to your area, contact me. By getting a few friends and colleagues together, we may be able to deliver one right to your doorstep!

The Passion Test will help you identify your top five passions in live and unlock the secrets on how to live them to the full with ease and abundance!

Torquay Weekend Retreat

I hope to run a retreat in Torquay for a weekend in February or March. We will look at identifying your plans for a Passionate 2013, complete the Passion Test, uncover your strengths and talents, learn about balance and fulfilment and utilise stress management techniques.

In addition there will be time to enjoy walking or swimming on the beach, visiting coffee shops and the fabulous coastal town atmosphere

“Thriving not Surviving” Workshop

This workshop will focus on moving on from past trauma, losses and grief. This could include experiences such as separation, divorce, abuse, sexual assault, redundancy or death of a loved one.
We will learn ways to let go of  past hurts, plan and live a brighter future, which is filled with joy and abundance of the good things you hope for your life.
So if some or all of these things interest you, let me know by emailing me here
Or posting on my Facebook Reach Your Potential

10 Tips for Creating a Passionate 2013

  1. Be open to New ideas and ways of doing things
  2. Let go of old ways that no longer serve you well
  3. Acknowledge what has gone well and be thankful
  4. Look for opportunities to expand your horizons
  5. Discover what you love to do most – take The Passion Test
  6. Recognise your strengths and talents
  7. Look for inspiration from others
  8. Put it all together…
  9. By developing a Passionate Life Master Plan
  10. Live it and Love It!!!

Finally My Gift to You

You may remember my Relaxation CD – “Relaxation for Body Mind and Spirit”
I have some copies of these which I wish to share. Like medication sitting on the mantelpiece and not taken, these CDs don’t work sitting in a cupboard. I would love to share them with you at the bargain price of $2! The CDs have some small crazing on the cover of the CD but they work just fine! This special price is just for the next 10 days, so snap yours up now, by clicking here .  (Unfortunately this offer is only open to Australian residents)


Passion, Purpose and Pizzazz

So you really want to be living a more positive, fulfilling and meaningful life, the reality in front of you right now don’t seem to fulfil that. Maybe you feel held back by past baggage, current stressors in your life, a lack of motivation or feeling unsupported.

Living a life that is not positive, exciting, fulfilling or meaningful is a life half lived! Is this  really the life you want for yourself? I doubt it……

So, if you want more in your life, and want the solutions and strategies to make change which is lasting and sustainable, then here is the answer:

Enrol in my Passion, Purpose and Pizzazz Course, to show you how to live the life you really want, one full of passion and purpose and pizzazz.

How will we do this?

This course will provide you with all the resources you need.

We will address:

  • How to know what you want in your life, or what you don’t want. Not everybody knows how they want their new positive life to look like. We will address that, and create a clear exhilarating blueprint.
  • Knowing what to leave behind in order to lead the life you want. You will be shown a range of techniques to leave behind the things that hold you back, like stress, anxiety, depression, physical dis-organisation, negative attitudes, or faulty thinking.
  • How to create space for change. In order to make change in your life you need to create room for the new. We will give you opportunities to create time, physical space and emotional peace to be in the right place to create a new positive life. You will learn how to overcome procrastination. We will show you techniques for meditation and relaxation.
  • You will learn how to rewrite the script of your life. In order to create the happy ending in a movie, the script has to be written in a way that creates happy outcomes. To create the positive life you want you will learn how to rewrite the script of your own life, through techniques like positive psychology, CBT and understanding of the law of attraction.
  • You will be supported and encouraged to embrace purpose and passion. We will show you how to really engage with feeling passionate about what you want in your life and how to live it! By the end of the course, you will be excited and empowered to put your new life into practice.

This course is fantastic value. We will include:

  • Four Teleseminars, with each session addressing a unique component and providing you with practical strategies to implement in your life –  Valued at $100
  • Weekly notes and a training manual for the Teleseminars  –   Valued at $49
  • A private group on Facebook to offer each other support. As your facilitator I will engage in this group with you  –  Value Priceless
  • A free copy of my relaxation CD, or an MP3 download, to assist you to relax and be at your optimum to create change in life  –  Valued at $10
  • Free Ticket to Attend a Passion Test Workshop run my me, Andrea Fisher  –  Valued at $57
  • Two new free E books, relating to the topics we cover in Teleseminars   –  Valued at  $35
  • Encouraging and motivational messages sent to you three times a week so that you do not lose motivation or momentum  – Value   Priceless!

This is all fantastic value, at a minimum of $241.

However, I am giving you this package at just $97!

I REALLY want you to gain from these benefits I can offer, so to encourage you to enrol in the next few days, I am offering even more bonuses to people who enrol by Sunday 6th May!

You will receive in addition to all of the things described above,

  • Another follow-up Teleseminar to check on your progress and offer personal coaching   –  Valued at $25
  • two more free E books relating to the subjects covered  –  Valued at $40
  • A 10% discount on my two-day retreat to be held at Torquay, Victoria later this year. This is valued at the least $35
  • And the best bonus of all  ….   a discount in the total price.

Enrol by Sunday 6th May and you will pay only $67!

Enrol Here

Bali Retreat – More Specific Details

Are you tempted to attend the Relinquish Restore and Renew Retreat in Bali but want more specific details to help you decide?

Our F.R.E.E. Teleseminar recording  is designed to provide answers to those questions you  may have and to help you understand how this retreat may be able to help you.

Please email for more  information to access this Teleseminar