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Just what is this Manifesting or Law of Attraction hype you and I have been seeing? Well, it basically means thinking about what you really want and making it happen. It is a simple technique you can apply to bring success (however you define it) into your life – health, wealth, abundance, happiness, freedom which [...]

Reaching Beyond Adversity It is easy to believe that you can’t Reach Your Potential because of some adversity that may have happened in your life. You may have experienced a significant loss early in life such as the death of a loved one or major disruption through divorce of your parents. Many people will remember [...]

It’s funny isn’t it to think about what gets us moving to get things done?  I’m tired today but it feels like a ‘good’ tired.  And why?  Well, it comes from working hard to get something done by a deadline.  I was getting my house ready to be photographed to be advertised to sell.  We [...]

May I wish you all the very best for Christmas and a happy New Year. Whilst Christmas is a happy time for many, I know that it is also a challenging time for some as our expectations are not always of a joyful time connecting with family or friends. Don’t be limited by the expectations [...]

Do you experience stress in your life?  Are you ready to do something to get rid of it and manage your life better? For one week only at a special price of $4.95, I have decided to offer you two great e-Books to assist you with practical strategies to manage anxiety and stress.  Enjoy putting [...]

Welcome to 2013! I hope you had a great break over the Christmas/New Year.  I spent some time by the water – both river and the sea, which refreshes and restores me. In northern Victoria we have endured extremely hot temperatures of up to 44 degrees and whilst I love summer, this is just a [...]

Do you ever daydream about how you would like your life to be? Lots of people do this – it is a normal part of life. Unfortunately, most people stop right there!  In other words, they dream but don’t take action.  No surprise then that the next time they start dreaming, their life looks pretty [...]

So you really want to be living a more positive, fulfilling and meaningful life, the reality in front of you right now don’t seem to fulfil that. Maybe you feel held back by past baggage, current stressors in your life, a lack of motivation or feeling unsupported. Living a life that is not positive, exciting, [...]

Are you tempted to attend the Relinquish Restore and Renew Retreat in Bali but want more specific details to help you decide? Our F.R.E.E. Teleseminar recording  is designed to provide answers to those questions you  may have and to help you understand how this retreat may be able to help you. Please email for more  information [...]

Some of the positive steps I can commence TODAY One step, a day at a time. Along with seeking treatment to manage depression there are a number of things you can do that may help when you are feeling depressed. Some of these include: 1.      Eat well – be active – Even though you might [...]

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