andrea fisher

Andrea Fisher

Hi, I’m Andrea. I am the founder of Reach Your Potential, and I’m passionate about helping people like you overcome your painful past, or circumstances, fears and limitations to create a life you love.

I provide counselling, personal one to one life coaching, on line courses, workshops and retreats to help you learn and implement tools to let go of the past, or the things that hold you back and change your life NOW.

I originally trained as a social worker over 30 years ago – and I have counselled thousands of people, plus led hundreds in workshops, seminars and retreats, plus taught hundreds of students gain formal qualifications in the welfare field.

I want to show you the way to create a future that gives you happiness, purpose and fulfilment, to move forward and build a wonderful new Life.

Values and ethical standards

I am a current member of the Australia Association of Social Workers and I continue to practice by the organisation’s ethical code of practice. I value confidentiality, respect for each person as an individual, and working in an open and transparent way to help you achieve the best outcomes possible.