All the Reasons You Want To, But Say You Can’t



Do you know, I’m pretty fond of my life right now. I work with people who are keen to make change in their lives, who are motivated and to really want to let go of the stuff that holds them back to make room for more of the things that give them joy pleasure and purpose.

But quite often, if people hear about my life, my working arrangements, and how I use my time, they say things like “oh you’re lucky, I couldn’t do that.” Or “I wish I could do that”. When they heard about me running a retreat in Bali, they said things like “Lucky you! I can do that.”

My reply is “you can, but you just haven’t chosen to yet.”

Some of the people who say things like thess have dealt with enormous adversity in their lives and have made amazing changes to start to move away from that and let go of the impact of such difficult events. But somewhere deep down, they haven’t quite gotten to the point of believing that they are able to let go, and truly create a life they love. There are lots of reasons for this:

  • They think they’re too damaged to ever truly overcome it
  • They think they are not good enough and don’t deserve a happy life
  • They think they are too old, or too young to institute the change they want
  • They think other people will hold them back
  • They think they don’t have the money

Whilst all of these points are valid factors to take into account when planning a change in your life, they are not reasons to stop you from working towards a life you want. My own experience tells me that. Many years ago I went through a difficult and traumatic divorce, and as a result suffered severe depression and had to seek help in being able to keep my own children. But with some expert help, I rebuilt my life, returned to my career and found joy again in being a good mother to my children.

I recognised that in order to do the parenting thing the best I could as a single parent, I needed more flexibility and autonomy in my working life. So took a big deep breath, and left paid employment to start my own business. 17 years later here I am, working for myself and loving it, long after my children have left home and are creating their own lives.

As well is making my own changes, in my past counselling practice, I assisted many people to envisage and then take the steps to create new and vibrant lives that bring them joy, purpose and passion in everyday life.

The challenges can be overcome or reinvented when creating a life you love. When you are ready to decide that’s what you go to do, you will really want to do it and will be prepared to take the steps to get there, even when the going gets tough. And I can be there to help you do that.

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